Hospitality Management

What is Hospitality Management?

Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, conference halls, even airlines – any place a hospitality manager could work is also a place that serves food. For this reason, hospitality management programs place a lot of emphasis on food safety procedures, presentation standards and other things that help graduates successfully run this part of the business.

Kitchens in any setting are also a hot spot for frequent regulatory inspections, so those facilities must be kept safe and spotless at all times.

While the bulk of a hospitality manager’s duties are often unrelated to food unless they are in a kitchen-specific position, repeated health code violations are a sure-fire way to get an establishment shut down. Hospitality management graduates are therefore expected to use this knowledge to make sure such serious problems aren’t happening under their watch, even if they aren’t directly responsible for the food themselves. This field has HUGE JOB OPPORTUNITIES !!!!

What you will learn:

  • Skills to supervise the establishment’s staff
  • Customer Service Training
  • Food Service Essentials
  • Financial Competency
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • ServSafe Certification

1st Certification: NRA: ServSafe Certification
2nd Certification: NRF: Customer Service & Sales
3rd Certification: ZTC Hospitality Management Cert

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