Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A with Zee the Cook

When and why did you start sharing your recipes on social media?

I started sharing my recipes on social media in 2012 when my passion for cooking was just beginning… I always loved taking beautiful pictures of nature & people- only to find that food was even more beautiful to capture.

I knew that sharing my interest would inspire others to get into their kitchens, and to cook creative meals for their family & friends.

When did you start offering classes for adults? Children?

Summer 2015

Why did you start offering classes for adults? Children?

There was/is a very high demand for my recipes. Since I don’t measure when I cook, it was really challenging to share my recipes on paper.

I decided I would rather teach hands-on and allow my fans to gain experience first-hand.

What is your favorite part about cooking? And the cooking classes?

My favorite part about cooking is the creativity involved. Sometimes I walk into my kitchen without a clue about what I’m about to create. I just gather a bunch of different ingredients, and always finish with a masterpiece.

The best part about the cooking classes is watching others get just as excited as I do in the kitchen. It’s a therapeutic experience that I wish everyone could experience, so seeing my students get excited is what I love to see. The cooking classes allow my students to socialize with other foodies; they learn, share, laugh and build great memories. This makes me happy…

How would you describe your cooking style?

Fresh, fun, creative

What type of food do you teach the adults and children to cook?

For kids:
We tend to cook fun and creative meals that are easy to replicate at home. Some favorites include: Pizza Cones, Pasta dishes, Mexican dishes, Cupcakes, Cookies, and other desserts.

For adults:
A variety of family-friendly meals including Middle-Eastern, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Chinese Cuisines.

Where are the cooking classes held?

Our culinary studio is located in the heart of Dearborn Heights, MI, between Beech Daly and Telegraph at:

24732 W. Warren
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

What are the age ranges for adults and children?

Kids: 6-12
Teens: 13-17
Adults: 18+

What is the cost of the cooking classes for adults? Children?

Kids: $25-$40 per class depending on the theme, ingredients, recipe and time-span.

Teens: $30-$50 per class depending on the theme, ingredients, recipe and time-span.

Adults: $30-$75 per class depending on the theme, ingredients, recipe and time-span.

What is your refund policy?

Credits for future classes are offered in place of refunds. If you are unable to attend a class, you must inform the coordinator at least 72 hours in advance to be eligible for credit. Class credits must be redeemed directly with a ZeeTheCook coordinator, by phone or in person, within 14 days of class date. Customer Service staff are not authorized to give class credits. We do not offer credit for ‘no shows’.

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