November Etiquette Camp @ Ollie’s Restaurant

When executive chef and restaurant owner Ali Hojaij asked me if I went to culinary school, I hesitantly replied “no, I’m a self-proclaimed chef.” He quickly put me at ease by responding with: “I’m also a self-proclaimed chef”
People who start from the bottom and work their way up to success – these are the people who hustle and work harder than anyone in their circles. They wake up extra early to get a head start; they create & network throughout the day and continuously work to improve themselves to be the best at what they do. They don’t always have the luxury of attending school but have the drive and passion to be their own teachers. These entrepreneurs push themselves further daily. Chef Ali is one of these people. He started from modest beginnings as a busboy in the early years of his career to earning various positions in wait-staffing, management, chef and finally becoming owner & CEO of his very own three famous Ollie’s Restaurants in Southeast, Michigan.
For these reasons and more, I made the decision to host my first Kids & Teens Etiquette Camp at Ollie’s Restaurant of Dearborn Heights. With its high ratings in catering and dining room experiences, a welcoming atmosphere, and most importantly the delicious Mediterranean menu, Ollie’s is always full of happy customers enjoying every bite of their food! Each item on the menu is fresh, enticing and exceptional. I highly urge you to check it out for yourself at 26348 Ford Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127!
Before I continue on to discuss the great benefits of proper etiquette, I’d like to shout out a big THANK YOU! to Zeinab Yemini, Manager of Ollie’s in Dearborn Heights, for gracing us with her warm smile, helping hands, and extreme professionalism during each class and finally, our 2 November graduation sessions. Thank you Z! (She’s the pretty one with the pretty bangs!)
If you didn’t know this before, now you’ll know: The Gift of Etiquette is Priceless!
Giving a child the gift of good etiquette is probably the best gift that any child can receive. 
Children with great etiquette establish strong relationships, communicate more effectively, resolve conflict well and are more likely as adults to become leaders. 
Most importantly, children with good etiquette skills are polite, well-mannered, and nice to be around. All these traits will set these children up for long-term success and happiness!
ZeeTheCook’s Etiquette Camp offers exceptional results! It focuses on important etiquette lessons relevant to everyone in society: respect for oneself and for others, valuing others, integrity, and putting people at ease. It’s fun, exciting, and a great way to learn something new!
Please join us each month as we work our way through different amazing restaurants in our community! We’re teaching both Social and Dining Room Etiquette. 
In November, we hosted our classes in partnership with Ollie’s. In December, we will be working with the famously known LA Bistro of West Dearborn! 
November we focused on Mediterranean and December we will be focusing on Italian! 
Register your future leaders today by using our site: or calling: 313-414-2301! Our December course offering covers Kids & Teens ages 7-14. 
In the spring, we will be working specifically with teens ages 15-19 in order to prepare them for adulthood and give them a step up in their relationships at college, during interviews, and every social situation they’ll face!
Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, I truly, with all my heart, want to strengthen every child’s present and future life while making improvements in our community and cannot thank you enough for choosing ZeeTheCook.

Yours Truly,

Zee Shami, Owner/Culinarian

ZeeTheCook, LLC


Ph: 313-414-2301