December Etiquette Camp @ LA Bistro – Italian


Whether on business or to impress a spouse or new friend, LA Bistro (located in the heart of West Dearborn) has excellent service, food and ambiance. Upon arrival, a welcoming smile is sure to greet you- and everyone at this restaurant makes you feel like family. 

When I approached manager, Souheil Johair this Fall about hosting my Etiquette Program @ LA Bistro in December- he was ALL IN before I even had a chance to discuss the details. He praised me for the difference my company and I were making in the community and encouraged me to move forward with his Italian Bistro. As we negotiated specific arrangements, not only did he agree to them- but LA Bistro exceeded my expectations –leaving me with nothing but great appreciation and respect from the beginning of our contract to the very end. 

My students ranging from ages 7-13 LOVED the LA Bistro staff. They loved being called “Sir” and “Madam” & were treated with respect and flawless attention throughout our entire experience. The staff also made it fun for my students during class break; they engaged in mannequin challenges, reviewed menu question and answers at each session + tested my student’s etiquette skills before moving on to the next lesson. Thank you so much, on behalf of all 15 students! 

The coolest part about working with different restaurants in the community is being able to give these hardworking businesses more exposure through my brand. At drop off and pick up- the parents would sometimes either dine in or carry out food for their family at home. Within hours of sharing pictures and videos with my fans on Instagram and Facebook-  I’m receiving messages + pics from fans that they’re either on their way over to that specific restaurant or already there and dining in because ZeeTheCook has brought a great place to their attention.

That’s why working with only the best locations is very important… my students and their families ONLY deserve the best. 

ZeeTheCook’s Etiquette Camp is a 3-day learning course which takes place once per week and ends with a 4th session which is a dinner graduation date with parents and families. The kids receive certificates of completion for their excellent new skills and special gifts given by the ZTC staff. Returning students who choose to continue the following month get to reach the next level of Dining Room AND Leadership Etiquette at a new venue with new food options.

December @ LA Bistro:

Day 1 – We enjoyed LA Bistro Chicken Lemon Rice Soup and a delicious variety of salads and appetizers. 
Day 2 – We ordered main entrees and sides! The kids LOVED learning how to eat Fettuccine Alfredo and Spaghetti. 
Day 3 – We ordered a 3 course dinner + dessert. Student grades: A’s and B’s for all involved!

Thank you to LA Bistro for accommodating our mission and for providing excellent service! A shout out goes to Jeff Ayres who goes by: “Clef Jeff Food Dude” on Facebook for taking on a huge group during graduation day and accommodating us during our commercial! 

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