About Us

Our Mission

At ZeeTheCook, LLC. we strive to educate, excite and empower students to expand their minds and enhance their taste-buds while tapping into their creative selves. Our hands-on recreational cooking classes combine culinary techniques, fresh ingredients and lots of fun for students of all ages!!

Our goal is to help others develop culinary skills through cooking demonstration while instilling confidence and playfulness in each of our classrooms.

We help build healthy memories, embrace and strengthen friendships, and allow each person to find and feed their own soul.

Our Staff


Culinarian & CEO
Zee Shami is a food and travel lover, wife & mother of two, and a longtime food-blogger. Born and raised in Michigan, Zee grew up surrounded by a long line of exceptional Lebanese-American chefs and butchers- who taught her all the cooking-skills she knows today.

ZeeTheCook is born out of Zee’s passion to make others happy, applying herself creatively and teaching students of all ages how to enrich their lives through food, teamwork and lots of fun!

“As a parent myself, I see all of us taking our children to piano lessons, dance lessons, soccer practice, gymnastics, and various other activities. While all these lessons are great, and add to the development of our children, I see cooking lessons as a life-long skill that can ignite their creativity, build their self-esteem, help with their math skills, prepare them for babysitting and parenting, and most importantly- build family values and memories that will last a lifetime…”

Zee’s cooking school, ZeeTheCook also offers adult classes & workshops geared to an older audience: Family cooking classes, Corporate Team Building Events & Cooking parties, Date-nights, Ladies Night Out and more!


(Pics, positions, and descriptions… COMING SOON!!!) 

*Our team of 7 professional assistants go above and beyond our expectations to treat your kids with the care, motivation and respect they deserve! 

If you would like to join our team of highly-driven and hardworking mentors, please email: Zee@ZeeTheCook.com!!

You can make a difference today!!